Today in the city Pleasant Grove 16.01.2019
Veterans were trained to be part of a unit. Taking away their group PTSD therapy is shortsighted and heartless

To the editor: Post-traumatic stress disorder has medical components that are factual and require treatment, but there is one component that the Department of Veterans Affairs has difficulty measuring...

Lima Group countries say won't recognize new Maduro mandate

Foreign ministers from 12 Latin American countries and Canada said Friday their governments would not accept Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela's president when he is sworn in for a second six-year term next...

California, Legal Group Reach Agreement on Old Voter Records

State election officials and a conservative legal group have reached a settlement over how California handles records of inactive voters.

Memphis woman robbed at gunpoint while visiting mom’s grave on Christmas

Memphis police have released surveillance camera images of the ghoul who robbed a woman in broad daylight on Christmas as she visited her mother’s grave.

German Journalist Accused of Setting Up Fake Charity Donated Money to Aid Group

An aid group said it received a donation from a German journalist accused of setting up a fake charity operation for children he invented for a falsified article.

NY Times reporter spoke at event organized by group behind secret Alabama Senate race disinformation campaign

A Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter spoke at a private gathering organized by a group that funded the secret effort to convince voters that the Russian government was supporting Alabama R...

'Fortnite' Challenge: Where To Search The Letter 'O' West Of Pleasant Park (Stage 1)

Here's how to complete the Fortnite season 7 week 4 challenge Where To Search The Letter ‘O’ West Of Pleasant Park.

UK defence minister says he has grave concerns about Huawei: Times

British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said he had "grave concerns" about Chinese company Huawei providing technology for Britain's planned 5G telecoms networks, the Times newspaper reported on Th...

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